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The concept of tokens has always been a part of game economies, however, the minute we attach a financial value to it that can be withdrawn and/or taken to an exchange for the purposes of trading, etc. it has serious repercussions for the internal game economy - most likely adversely affecting users. It can also greatly impact user behavior and their perception of the game.

The team behind Scar Speed is aware of the fact that tokens can throw the in-game economy into turbulence. We have seen multiple examples of games that have failed due to their intense focus on the tokenomics aspect of the game before even launching the game.

We will be taking a different approach to solving the tokenization problem. That is to say, our first and foremost focus is on the game itself. In our world, blockchain is a client to the game - not the other way around. Once the game has established a strong presence in the market - we will focus on testing user behavior and attempt to slowly roll out certain Defi features such as the tokenization of the in-game economy.

In-Game Currencies

Scar Speed utilizes an innovative dual currency model, $SCAR and $REP, to ensure the sustainability & scalability of the in-game ecosystem.


$SCAR is the premium in-game currency. $SCAR will be used within the Scar Speed ecosystem; a brief description is mentioned below:

Utility of $SCAR

  • $SCAR is used to purchase NFTs (cars, upgrades, etc.) from the marketplace.

  • $SCAR is required to mint new cars in-game from the Car Factory.

  • Special in-game events have a fee structure which comprises $SCAR.


$REP is the soft in-game currency, which is used across all in-game activities. There are deflationary mechanics embedded in the game design to regulate the soft currency. The utility of $REP is explained in detail under Introduction.

$REP can be earned through various in-game events such as winning races, completing missions, etc. and spent through multiple in-game activities.




Premium Currency

Soft Currency

Spent on

  • Buy cars

  • Upgrade cars

  • Mint cars in-game

  • Event fees

  • Staking

  • Mint cars in-game

  • Event fees

Earn from

  • Staking reward pools

  • Shared revenue from staking

  • Event prize pools

  • Completing quests

  • Voting in DAO

  • Participating in events

Future Development

As the game evolves and the player base scales up, the economy design will go through a massive evolution which will involve (but is not limited to):

  • Tokenomics (converting in-game currencies to tokens)

    • Token Allocation

  • DeFi Protocols (staking, governance, yield farming)

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization

  • DAO Treasury

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