Power-Ups are an integral part of the gameplay which introduce an element of skill alongside racing. They are helpful in deciding the outcome of a Race. Power-Ups spawn randomly across the map and can be picked-up by players. Once a power-up has been picked-up a new random power-up spawns in its place after a few seconds.

You only have three Power-Up slots. Every pick-up fills one slot. If all three power-up slots get filled up you can no longer pick more power-ups unless you free up a power-up slot. There are two ways to free up a Power-Up slot: 1) Use a Power-Up or, 2) drop a Power-Up.

The following is a list of Power-Ups introduced in Scar Speed.

Chaser is the Red Power-Up. Chasers will home in on a driver ahead of you and flip them in the air if it lands. Chasers can also be fired backward, but they will only travel in a straight path. If you find yourself without a Shield, you still have a few options for destroying a Chaser. If you have a Shockwave, you can activate it when the Chaser gets close. Darts can also destroy Chasers, but it will take 2 shots to do so. You can also drop a Mine in a Chaser's path to get rid of it. You can also lose them by turning hard enough at the right time, but it only really works in turns.

Shockwave is the Purple Power-Up. Shockwaves will create a small "shockwave" from your car, slowing down and forcing away anyone who gets caught in it. Shockwaves are useful when stuck in the middle of a pack or when everyone gets bunched up entering or exiting a turn. There isn't much you can do to defend against them, except for activating a Shield, but the radius it covers is somewhat small that as long as you are about a car length away, it shouldn't affect you.

Mine is the Orange Power-Up. When a Mine gets hit, the driver will spin out and then regain control of their car. Mines can either be dropped behind or shot forward. Shooting it forward is useful for hitting someone in a pack ahead, but it doesn't have a very long range, and dropping it behind is useful when stuck in a pack. Apart from using a Shield, Mines can be destroyed by using a Shockwave, or by firing 2 Dart rounds at it. You can also fire a Chaser, but because it homes in on drivers ahead of you, it may change directions instead of hitting the Mine, so it isn't the best idea for getting rid of one.

Dart is the Pink Power-Up. When a Dart round hits, it will cause the driver to lose control of the car for a couple of seconds before regaining control. Darts are fast-moving rounds but have no homing capabilities. Each Dart pick-up comes with 3 Shots. Darts can destroy incoming Chasers or oncoming Mines, but both require 2 rounds to get rid of.

Zap is the Blue Power-Up. Driving through a Zap dome will cause your car to slow down for a few seconds. Whenever a Zap is used, 3 Zap domes will appear ahead of the first-place driver. Whenever someone passes through a Zap dome, it will disappear. If no one drives through one, it will disappear after a few seconds. There is usually enough space that you can snake through the domes, but if they appear in a turn, it becomes a little more challenging to avoid them. You can pass through the edges of the domes with no effect, but if you get closer to the center, you will be affected. You can use a Shield, but the Shield will only protect you from one dome.

Nitro is the Green Power-Up. Like any other racing game, Nitro will give you a quick burst of speed. You can also use a Nitro as an Airbrake to help get through tighter turns. As you enter the turn, pull down on the left analog stick and activate the Nitro. Time will slow down for a few seconds and your car will be able to grip the track, allowing you to turn your car in the direction you want to go. You will then snap back to real-time and your car will take off.

Repair is the Yellow Power-Up. Repair will fix your vehicle and add any Health that you may have lost. For some of the bulkier vehicles, it may not restore you to full Health if you are at critical damage. It is always a good idea to keep a Repair handy, just in case you find yourself low on Health. Your vehicle performs better when it is closer to full Health so it is a good idea to keep your Health as high as you can.

Shield is the White Power-Up. The Shield Power-Up is strictly defensive. When activated it makes the players' vehicle impervious to damage for a short time. When hit with a weapon while the Shield is active, the Shield will disappear. Additionally, when active it will also make the racer extremely resistant to taking damage and slowing down when slamming into a wall at high speeds.

Lightning is the Violet Power-Up. When Lightning is used, all the players ahead of the user will be electrocuted by a sudden electric arc that appears over them, making it a great recovery Power-Up. When vehicles are struck by Lightning, they lose traction, slow down, and have a random chance of losing some or all of their collected Power-Ups.

Smokescreen is the Black Power-Up. When a player uses Smokescreen their vehicle emits dense black smoke behind it for a few seconds. Any players passing through the smoke experience extremely reduced visibility until the smoke clears out or their vehicle moves out of the smoke. Smokescreen can be used in combination with offensive Power-Ups making it hard for other players to avoid the offensive Power-Ups that follow due to reduced visibility.

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