How Scar Speed Aims to Solve Existing Problems

Scar Speed has a very well curated whitepaper with extensive commentary on the game's design. Players and investors are advised to review the whitepaper carefully and thoroughly.
Moreover, Scar Speed's team has enough proof of work to validate its authenticity. A deep dive into the quality of the already developed work (trailers, NFTs, mobile companion app, MVP, etc.) shall be quite the indicator to let its reviewers know that Scar Speed indeed is being developed by a team which is extremely passionate about this project.


​Scar Speed lets gamers play for free before actually spending on it. In other words, the game does not impose any paywalls. That is because we believe players should first experience the core game without any initial investment. Once players have signed up, and feel like they’ve been delivered a game that satisfies their needs, they can purchase NFTs. For this reason, we expect Scar Speed to reach a larger audience of players than most other NFT games.

Fun Gameplay

Scar Speed's primary focus is to make the gameplay fun and enjoyable for the players. Most of the advertised blockchain games in the current market appear to follow a very similar formula which make them seem monotonous and/or boring; Scar Speed changes that through its well thought out and extensive game design and a skill-based gameplay. All the in-game activities such as contest events, car upgrades, climbing the rank ladder, etc. follow the "play for fun" dogma to let players enjoy their moments.

Balanced Game Economy

Scar Speed's infrastructure has been designed with inflationary and deflationary mechanics embedded within the gameplay. With the help of a carefully crafted economy design the development team has created a variety of currency utilities - all this contributes to maintaining a balanced in-game economy.

Equal Opportunity Competition

Scar Speed is designed as purely a competitive skill-based game. This means that Scar Speed provides its players with a "fair" gameplay that fosters "competition" for players of all skill levels (no pay-to-win). Scar Speed achieves this through an extremely fair matchmaking design as well as a rank-based competitive ladder. This translates to all players having fun playing the game no matter the kind or type of NFTs they possess. The skill-based use of Power-Ups in the game challenges the status-quo and allows for players to make a comeback even if they’re on the losing end of the spectrum, regardless of the type of competitive game mode the players are engaged in.