Contest Events



Anything goes in Standard race events. All Power-Ups are available for pick-up and use against your opponents. Most Races will consist of 10-20 racers, including you, so the tracks will be fairly big and chaotic. Opponents will try to hit you with everything they've got. For the most part, all cars are able to keep up with each other, it is just a matter of how long it takes to get up to speed with the rest of the field.


Duel is a race where it is just you against one other opponent. In Duels you have two ways of achieving victory: 1) you can either outdrive the opponent by finishing 1st or 2) pepper the opponent with Power-Ups until they wreck. Usually, it is easier to hang close behind the opponent and just keep using Ranged Power-Ups (Chaser, Dart, and Zap) until the opponent wrecks (but then again your opponent will try to do the same). Picking up Repairs will come in handy since you don’t want to get wrecked.


In Knockout events, players race each other over several laps. Every lap, the last player is knocked out. The one who remains after the final lap is the winner. The total number of laps in the race is one less than the number of players in the event. All Power-Ups are available in Knockouts.



In Havoc events, you need to wreck enough opponents to earn points before the clock runs out. The only Power-Up available in Havoc events is Dart. Every time you wreck an opponent one of the following will happen at the spot where the opponent got wrecked:
  • Fire a Dart backwards when destroyed.
  • Leave a Mine behind when destroyed.
  • Fire a Chaser backwards when destroyed.
  • Release a Shockwave when destroyed.
You earn points for destroying the opponents, as well as landing Bonus Shots. Bonus Shots are where you destroy one opponent and the resulting Power-Up destroys another opponent. Opponents are useful in this regard. You will also earn a few seconds for destroying the opponent.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is a Battle Royale mode in which, the goal is to be the last player standing by eliminating all other opponents. Once an opponent gets destroyed they will not re-spawn. For this reason, in this mode, the health of all cars is 5 times greater than what it normally is. The only Power-Ups available in this mode are Shockwave, Mine, Dart, and Shield.
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