🏆Relics of the Future Past

Your never-expiring battle pass!

Relics of the Future Past (also simply known as The Relics or The Relics Collection) are a set of limited exclusive artifacts in the form of collectible digital cards in the lore of Scar Speed. This collection will never appear again in any future drop and only those lucky enough to lay their hands on this collection will reap unique benefits. The creation of The Relics is a token of appreciation (loaded with exclusive benefits) from Scar Speed to its original believers and supporters.

Note: Scar Speed's in-game NFTs are separate from The Relics Collection and therefore, the utilities for this collection are unique.

Utilities: Pre Game Launch

  • Automatic entry to a weekly draw: A chance to win exciting in-game items and real-world gifts including exclusive F1 tickets, exotic car jackets, Scar Speed helmets, collectible car figurines, etc.

  • Customize the aesthetics of your (real-world) ride including; rims, tint, body kits, and stereo upgrades with our vetted partners at a discounted price.

Note: Customization currently only available in Canada and Dubai.

  • Early access to the mobile companion app (expected launch Q1 2023) where you get to pimp your ride and also socialize with other holders.

  • Free car NFT (in-game) to sell on any NFT marketplace.

  • Early access to exclusive in-game drops which include rare cars, rims, body kits, exhausts, spoilers, etc.

  • Gain access to our Secret Discord server to:

    • Socialize with other NFT holders.

    • Take part in the development of new cars and tracks.

    • Get exclusive Scar Speed artworks.

Utilities: Post Game Launch

  • More exclusive in-game drops which include rare cars, rims, body kits, exhausts, spoilers, etc.

  • Speed up the in-game car NFT manufacturing process by accessing a pre-built Car Factory.

  • Massive discounts on purchasing in-game advertising spaces.

  • Scoop up in-game real estate NFTs (e.g. racing tracks) at a discounted rate.

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