📱Scar Speed Studio

Mobile Companion App

Alongside the game, Scar Speed comes with a mobile companion app known as Scar Speed Studio. Scar Speed Studio allows players to customize their favorite rides on-the-go to unleash in the game. Players can expand their collection by participating in scheduled drops and complete challenges to unlock exclusive content.


Open the app to enter your Garage, where all of your cars are on display. This is where the customizations you’ve put your heart and soul into are on display.


The workshop is where players can make cars unique to their liking via customizations to show off to the world.


Visit the marketplace to purchase customizations from a huge selection of body parts, paint jobs, skins, wheels, spoilers, and more. See Marketplacefor details.

Exclusive NFT Drops

Special limited-time NFT drops are made available on the marketplace after announcing over various social platforms. These NFT drops include exclusive content. The marketplace helps you to stay notified regarding the NFT drops lest everything gets sold out.


Players can put their content on the auction marketplace for other players to place their bids. This is one of the ways to earn cryptocurrency from within the game.


Players can offer to trade their content in exchange for something they might like owned by another player.


Scar Speed Studio has a socialization module where players can meet and talk to other players.


Players can show off their collections to the world.

Car Factory

This is where you can keep yourself updated with the car (NFT) manufacturing (minting) progress. See Car Factory for details.

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