🎲Game Modes

At the apex of racing/battling are game modes. Game Modes are the primary way to enter competitive racing/battling matches in which players race/battle other players of similar skill-level.

Below is an explanation of each game mode Scar Speed has to offer.

Free Roam

In this mode, players can roam around and explore the world freely. This is the de facto mode to experience your newly acquired cars (NFTs) and practice Power-Ups. All Power-Ups are available which can be picked-up across the map. There are no rules in this mode, just pure fun.

Free mode does not affect the player's rank. See Ranking System for details.

Contest Events

Contest Events are a serious matter for the avid Scar Speed player as winning or losing will affect the player's rank. Contest Events are free to enter. The winning positions are rewarded with $REP. There are different types of Contest Events in Scar Speed. See Contest Events for details.

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