🌐The World of Scar Speed

An Ever-Expanding Open World

The world of Scar Speed is an ever-expanding and ever-evolving universe composed of millions of miles of roads spread across various cities, countries, and continents. Players are able to explore every part of the universe where they can fulfill their racing/battling fantasies. The open world concept allows for endless possibilities when it comes to enhancing the universe and gameplay.

World Updates

Scar Speed is going to keep receiving updates as development on the game is continuous. Every major update, a new city gets added to extend the world allowing players to explore new areas. World expansion is perpetual and continuous for the life of the game.

Diverse Terrain Types

The humongous world of Scar Speed means that races will take place in all types of terrains. Players will be made to put their skills to test in challenging areas ranging from smooth roads to rocky mountains, from snow covered arenas to sandy deserts, and everything in between.

Climate System

Scar Speed boasts an intricate climate system combined with a day/night cycle. Every part of the world has a unique climate which ultimately affects the weather in that region of the world.


Weather greatly affects driving during races. For example, if it's raining, cars are prone to lose traction and skid. A monotonous play style will not serve you well given the diverse range of variables that can affect gameplay. Players will need to hone their skills to master racing/battling in all sorts of conditions and situations.

Day/Night Cycle

The game also has a day/night cycle with one Scar Speed day being 12 real-world hours long.

Special Events

Throughout the world, limited time special events will appear as a means to bring about new and unique game content and time-exclusive game modes. This also means that (sometimes) these special events are the only way to get game content that is not available elsewhere (not even the marketplace); once the special event expires that game content is gone forever.

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